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Little Saigon Nails & Spa provides you with nice nail care while maintaining the cleanliness and sterilization. Our services also include manicure, pedicure, waxing, air brush ombre and more. We are single use of disposeable tool as nail file, buffer, bag liner for each customer with no extra cost.

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Ethos Volcanic Base 14ml – $23

ETHOS VOLCANIC BASE is a nail hardener enriched by Volcanic Stone Extract to give strength to soft nails.
Rich in Pistachio Oil, known to increase nail hardness as well as flexibility, it is ideal for soft nails which are weak and brittle, with a tendency to splitting.
For use as a base coat on natural nails or a thin brush width to the center of the nail, as treatment before gel application.

Ethos Lavender Base 14ml – $23

ETHOS LAVENDER BASE . ETHOS boasts the improved LAVENDER BASE. Aimed to enrich weak and damaged nails, it is developed with Rosemary Leaf Extract known for its soothing properties.
This lovely pale pink shade contains carefully selected oils and ingredients which may assist to treat and restore sensitive nails.

Ethos Oxycoat 14ml – $23

ETHOS OXYCOAT is a nourishing base coat with antioxidant properties.
OxyCoat protects natural healthy nails and may assist with regeneration of nails cells, while botanicals revitalise the nail to keep them healthy.

Ethos Seaweed Calcium Base 14ml – $23

ETHOS SEAWEED CALCIUM BASE may promote Flexibility and Suppleness to hard, dry and brittle nails.
Derived from Red Alga Seaweed Extract, it contains essential trace elements such as Magnesium and Zinc that may assist to strengthen the keratin structures of the nail to increase flexibility and may restore suppleness to brittle nails. It is ideal as a nail ridge filler, with natural inorganic fillers, Silica and Mica leaving a smooth nail surface.

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